Climate change and Covid-19 are wake-up calls for the transformation of the values and ethics of society. There is a mood for change in many individuals and organisations

One example amongst many is the book ‘Green Swans’ by John Elkington (Fast Company Press, published March 2020). He predicts a boom in regenerative capitalism, with many kinds of innovations having a massive impact, far beyond simple step changes. Even since then the concept of ‘build back better’ has become mainstream, and the UK Government has set out ambitious plans for the next ten years.

Any business engaged in realistic scenario planning will already know that regulatory pressure is increasing and will continue to grow.  

Although non-toxic substances still must be regulated, non-hazardous substances are easier to navigate through the regulatory processes of hazard and risk assessment.

Regulatory bodies are also driving towards a sustainable industry – see Policy Activity

Other stakeholders are critically important – see Policy Activity