Green Chemical Design - How to meet an urgent industry need


To be a leader in the response to the demand for a fully sustainable chemicals industry, by helping to introduce new solutions to serious needs for substitution of hazardous substances, and development of new green chemistry

Business Model

To participate in and facilitate multidisciplinary teams involving all stakeholders in the development of new products. This includes business leaders and scientists. We have the team players needed to deliver new strategies for `safe and sustainable by design` chemistry.


Our innovations fully-recognise green chemistry principles, and our work is not driven by profit but by the need for change towards a sustainable industry. The challenges require broad knowledge of all aspects of the industry and the use of the necessary skills, from computational chemistry, hazard, risk, engineering, and more.


To help facilitate the reduction in the use of hazardous substances by the optimal use of those substances that are already well-understood and by innovation. The long-term viability of the chemical industry depends on its regeneration in a cost-effective way.

Value Proposition

We provide value in our technical strengths and understanding the strategy for development of new commercially-viable approaches.

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New chemicals come from

  • novel ideas on how to substitute and avoid use of toxic substances
  • techniques for the simultaneous consideration of the desired performance of a product and its hazard or risk
  • the use of highly biodegradable substances
  • essential R&D and regulatory experience
  • use of risk characterisation as part of the comparison of alternatives

Concepts such as ‘safe and sustainable by design’, ‘safe by design’, ‘functional substitution’, ‘eco innovation’, ‘sustainable chemistry’, ‘green chemistry’ etc are all implied by this proposition.

Regulatory compliance services are not provided by GCD; we recommend Peter Fisk Associates Limited for top-quality consultancy

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